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David Moriarty

Astronomy: Amateur astronomer since 1956; member Astronomical Society S.A 1957 - 1969.

Member of Astronomical Association of Qld since 1982. Primary observatory at Glen Aplin, Qld., with Celestron EdgeHD 14 on a Mathis Instruments equatorial fork mount and Moravian G3-6303e CCD camera.

Currently, Emeritus Professor, Honorary Senior Fellow with the Astrophysics group at The University of Queensland (UQ).

1966 – 1969 Ph.D. thesis studies on oxidation of inorganic sulphur compounds by thiobacilli.

1969-1973: Biochemist-Microbiologist quantifying carbon and nitrogen cycles in Lake George, Uganda, with the Royal Society African Freshwater Biological Team, and at Nottingham University, UK.

1973-1975: Queen's Fellow in Marine Science at UQ.

1975 - 1993: Researcher with the CSIRO Marine Divisions. 1992: Guest Professor in Marine Microbiology, Gothenberg University, Sweden.

1997-2013 Honorary Professor, Centre for Marine Studies, UQ.

Qualifications: B.Ag. Sc. (Hons.); Ph.D., D.Sc. FASM

Eclipsing binaries — CCD photometry and astrophysical modelling
Brisbane, Queensland (AU)
  • Project Leader


Here are links to articles I have written on this website.

Date Title
20/12/2013 17:52:48 Moriarty et al (2013), Discovery of Pulsating Components in the Southern Eclipsing Binary Systems AW Velorum, HM Puppis, and TT Horologii

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