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Alan Plummer

At age eight Alan was given a 50cm telescope for Christmas, and remembers finding the Andromeda galaxy from his back yard in suburban Sydney – a small fuzzy ellipse. However, it was not until after 30 years of armchair astronomy and science fiction that he came back to observing.

On joining the Sydney City SkyWatchers (then the BAA NSW), he was given a very important piece of advice: You will get more from astronomy if you take on a responsibility such as meteor counting, planetary observing, occultations, comet hunting, or observing variable stars. Privileged to be in an Association counting more than one professional astronomer among its number, he was encouraged into active astronomy; in particular, variable star observing.

A musician by trade, Alan is still in the SCS, and is the R & Eta Carinae Project Leader. As an astronomer he has published in Europe, America, New Zealand, and Australia. Today he lives with his wife Anne and children Lewis and Eugene and Fluffy Bunny at Linden Observatory in the Blue Mountains, and considers himself one of the most fortunate people around.

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Here are links to articles I have written on this website.

Date Title
15/06/2014 01:12:29 Plummer (2014), Australian Sky & Telescope, HD 269582
15/06/2014 01:12:29 Plummer (2014), Australian Sky & Telescope, BQ & BL Ori
16/09/2010 09:00:14 V442 Centauri
03/07/2010 02:42:25 Visual Research in VSS
03/07/2010 01:10:20 R & eta Carinae

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