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Stan Walker

My astronomy began about 1960 and by 1965 I was observing variable stars visually. Attempts to monitor flare stars that way led to a project which saw a joint Auckland Observatory-University of Auckland project to build and use a photoelectric photometer. Commissioned in 1968, this was used until 1990 in a wide variety of projects, but mainly CVs and LPVs which are the stars I'm most interested in. Until the mid 1980s we carried out the most effective photometry, to the faintest magnitudes, in New Zealand from the centre of NZ's largest city!

I collaborated with Brian Marino and others in these projects, resulting in a good number of largely observational papers. Many highlights, but perhaps the best was the making of the first UBV measures of SN1987A and detemining from the colour changes on the second night that it was, indeed, a supernova.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, I'm also a member of the Auckland & Northland Astronomical Societies, Royal Astronomical Society, a fellow of the RASNZ and a member of Photometry, Variable Stars and Close Binary Commissions of the International Astronomical Union since 1970. My observing these days is limited. My observatory is located at Waiharara (34.97S, 173.2E, 30M ASL) above the farm office.

Bright Cepheids
Miras with dual maxima
QZ Carinae and eta Carinae
Waiharara, Far North, New Zealand
  • Advisor: Pulsating Variables
  • VSS Director
  • Project Leader


Here are links to articles I have written on this website.

Date Title
22/11/2014 18:07:52 Cepheids & DSLR
26/10/2014 01:06:57 Four Decades of Cataclysmic Variables
08/08/2014 19:49:37 Measuring the Stars
17/05/2013 21:02:31 Walker (2014), Dual Maxima Miras
31/03/2013 23:18:53 V1369 Centauri - A Southern Nova Project
04/12/2011 01:43:49 Where Most of It Began: Auckland Observatory
03/12/2011 04:27:19 AAVSO Centennial Conference Poster Paper: RASNZ Photometry Section
21/08/2011 06:30:28 Bright Southern Cepheids for DSLR & Similar Cameras
21/08/2011 05:57:47 9. Camera Response and Extinction
21/08/2011 05:56:12 6. Ensemble Photometry
03/07/2010 01:13:33 Pulsating Variables & VSS
03/07/2010 01:12:05 Visual Measures of Bright Cepheids
03/07/2010 01:09:26 QZ Carinae
03/07/2010 01:08:34 Dual-Maxima Miras
23/05/2010 14:00:00 EX Hydrae Outburst

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