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David O'Driscoll

I joined the Astronomical Association of Queensland in 2005 after many years' interest in astronomy, including 2 years as a member of the Northern Districts Society of Amateur Astronomers in Sydney in the late 1980’s.

As an IT professional of some 30 years, I have naturally gravitated to the world of online, remote astronomy, which allows me to combine my interests in astronomy with my IT skills. In recent years I have been balancing interests in variable star photometry and double star astrometry.

While I love using remote scopes to take images, I acknowledge that none of them will ever win a David Malin award!!

Alas, these days I seem to be spending more time on astronomy websites and databases than actual observation and research.

Eclipsing binaries
Robotic astronomy
Brisbane, Queensland (AU)
  • Website & Database Manager


Here are links to articles I have written on this website.

Date Title
15/02/2014 18:18:39 Transaction Cancelled
15/02/2014 18:17:26 Thank You
14/09/2013 04:02:12 UCAC4 155:128029
26/04/2013 23:21:55 Targets Relationships
11/04/2013 04:03:42 Targets in the TIX
11/04/2013 04:03:42 VSS Eclipsing Binary Online Database
01/04/2013 01:42:56 Stars in the TIX
31/03/2013 23:27:19 Research Areas
30/03/2013 23:23:43 Constellations in the TIX

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