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Alan Baldwin

Alan got really interested in astronomy when he attended Wellington College which had a functioning observatory where you could undertake daylight viewing of Venus, sunspots, and prominences with a Zeiss slit spectroscope. Later on he did some visual variable star observing plus data analysis on a Mira variable(S Car). Soon after my work in managing milk powder research and development in the NZ dairy industry and family took over and I dropped out of observing for some time. I am still working part-time but now have time for some observing. Located in Palmerston North, NZ, and observes with a 250 mm Dobsonian and 50 mm finder.

Visual observing
Palmerston North, NZ
  • Advisor: Visual Research


Here are links to articles I have written on this website.

Date Title
08/08/2014 19:05:09 Irregular Behaviour in the Cosmic Zoo
03/07/2010 01:06:47 Beginner's Visual Observing Project

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