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Members of VSS (most notably Mati Morel) have embarked on the production of a number of catalogies of interest to members of the VSS in general.

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L2 Puppis Dataset Size Filesize 20.55 KB
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UVBRI Dataset by Stan Walker for L2 Puppis

O-B5 Stars in Centaurus Updated Catalogue Size Filesize 14.29 KB
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Updated values for McGruder's O-B5 Stars in Centaurus Catalogue

by Mati Morel, created: 2014.

About forty years ago McGruder (1975) published a catalogue of 417 stars of spectral types O-B5 in Centaurus. Coordinates for B1950, photographic UBV data and spectral types were given. It is now possible to identify all objects with certainty, and to resolve anomalies in the photographic photometry by comparison with high-quality recent data, and to assess its general accuracy. The dataset in updated form now provides accurate BV data for more than 300 stars.

Having contacted Brian Skiff (2014), Lowell Observatory, I am advised that there is no evidence of follow-up to confirm McGruder’s OB stars, and his UBV data proves to be so noisy it is of little value in the professional realm. Consequently the 1975 paper and list have been largely ignored.
As the work done here now provides a reliable sequence of BV photometry for more than 300 stars in southern Centaurus it can be made available for other purposes. Note that Nova Cen 2005 = V1047 Cen appeared in the midst of this same field.
VSS Eclipsing Binary Database - Readme Size Filesize 2.37 KB
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Recovery of 1684 Spectral Types in a Sagittarius Field Size Filesize 40.05 KB
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Recovery of 1684 Spectral Types in a Sagittarius Field

Edited by Mati Morel, created: 2013. Last Revision: 12 Spet 2013

  • To provide precise J2000 positions for 1684 stars with MK spectral types published by McCuskey (1964).
  • To provide V mags for his stars
  • To provide other identifiers, HD and DM numbers for the stars
1 File:
  • SA158.DAT

The catalogue lists 1684 stars around Selected Area 158 in Sgr. The field covers 25.2 sq°, from (J2000) 18h18.0m to 18h41.0m, and -27°25' to -32°15', with a limiting mag ~12ptg. My work provides other identifiers (HD and DM nos), not part of the original paper. While the list provides much data of a spectral nature, rather than variable stars, nevertheless a number of variable stars did turn up in the course of this work, and will be of interest.

Other Sources

The construction of this catalogue is based on a paper and finder charts published by S.W. McCuskey (1964). GUIDE9 was used to generate on-screen charts for comparison, and to extract precise positions from UCAC3, SPM4, 2MASS and others. Modern photometry (V, B-V) from Tycho-2 was used to confirm identities, while the VizieR page at CDS was used to access other data as required.


McCuskey, S.W. 1964. Astron. J. 69,104

VSS Eclipsing Binary Database Version:15 Size Filesize 17.02 KB
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Lucke-Hodge OB Associations in the Large Magellanic Cloud Size Filesize 218.75 KB
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Lucke-Hodge OB Associations in the Large Magellanic Cloud (Lucke, 1972)

Edited by Mati Morel, created: 2013.  Last Revision: 2013

  • To provide precise J2000 positions for all stars (~5000) in Lucke's 1972 thesis on LMC OB associations
  • To replace, as much as possible, of Lucke's old photo-graphic mags with updated recent photometry. In effect this sets up 95 BV sequences over the LMC region.>
  • To provide other data (spectral types etc) for many stars
  • To make the dataset capable of being read and displayed by GUIDE9. For this purpose two GUIDE9-specific files are included in the ZIP file, i.e. lh_stars_f.txt, lhob_f.tdf.
4 Files:
  • LHOB_f.TDF
  • LH_NUMORDER.txt lists OB associations in numerical order, as given in the original catalogue (1970). The stars within each association are then listed numerically. The ordering of stars is irregular, not strictly following Right Ascension or another regular system.
  • lh_stars_f.txt Contains the same data, in order of RA.

Other Sources:

My construction of this catalogue used Lucke's 1972 thesis for the finder charts and BV data therein. GUIDE9 was used to generate on-screen charts for comparison, and to extract precise positions from UCAC3, SPM4, 2MASS and others. Modern photometry was downloaded from APASS, and the VizierR page of CDS (Stellar Data Centre) at Strasbourg.

Identifying NSV Objects Size Filesize 16.38 MB
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by Mati Morel

Innes (1914) published a list of 111 variables in UOC20. The majority (77%) have now received GCVS names, while the remainder have NSV designations. The identities of many of these NSV entries are still uncertain, and the work done here provides clarification, using the material (finder charts and descriptive notes) published by Innes, together with modern sources.

Deep Sky Objects in the Magellanic Clouds Size Filesize 47.07 KB
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Edited by Mati Morel.

As a follow-up to my reworking of the Shapley-Lindsay (SL) catalogue of LMC star clusters, a similar plan of attack has been used for the star clusters of the SMC. The number of catalogued objects here is only a fraction of that in the LMC, so it was fairly straightforward to work through all 220 clusters identified by Hodge & Wright (1977) in their atlas of the SMC.

Lindsay Catalogue of SMC clusters

Four catalogues of SMC clusters were used by Hodge and Wright in compiling their SMC atlas, with Eric Lindsay's 1958 catalogue being the longest, with 116 entries. I have given Lindsay's compilation priority status, and kept his clusters in correct numerical order, even though the precise J2000 positions are not always strictly in order of increasing RA. Entries from other catalogues (K, WG and HW) are inserted in the most appropriate positions, according to RA.

Compared to the LMC, identification problems were rare, and the Hodge-Wright atlas was found to be very reliable, displaying the positions of clusters with commendable accuracy. Nevertheless, Lindsay's published catalogue was consulted to be sure no vital information was missed.

Curiously, while the Lindsay catalogue gives diameters in arcmin for each cluster, the values given are generally far too large, up to 79 arcmin. It is clear that some other scale is meant, perhaps an absolute diameter in parsecs? The BSDL diameter data has been inserted instead.

Barnards and Schoenbergs Merged Catalogues of Dark Nebulae Size Filesize 152.5 KB
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Merged Lists Of Dark Nebulae - Barnard(1927) & Schoenberg(1964)

Edited by Mati Morel, created: 2008. Last Revision: 2012

  • To put Schoenberg's catalogue into computer readable form.
  • To combine Schoenberg's catalogue with Barnard's, for ease of comparison.
  • To provide J2000 coordinates for all entries.
2 Files:
Updated Sanduleak Catalogue of Supergiants in the LMC Size Filesize 109.4 KB
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Database for N.Sanduleak's LMC Supergiants. Zones -65° TO -72°

Edited by Mati Morel, created: 1999. Latest Revision: 2008


To provide improved astrometric positions, UBV photometry and cross-references to GSC ids., all updated from the original catalogue published by Sanduleak in 1970.

2 Files:

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