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EB and EW Binaries Project

Presentation by Mark Blackford at the VSS Symposium 3 at RASNZ Conference 2014

EB and EW eclipsing binaries are extremely close pairs, orbiting in a couple of days or less, and in the case of EWs sharing a common envelope. They are ideal targets for DSLR and CCD fast time series work, since a complete light curve can be obtained very quickly. In this project, which is mounted in collaboration with a spectroscopic research project of Ed Budding and colleagues, we will be using DSLRs and CCDs on selected southern EBs and EWs with the aim of obtaining complete transformed light curves, light elements, period variation analysis, and astrophysical modelling. Observers are encouraged to join the project, and to involve themselves in obtaining all these outcomes.

Transcription available here: The EB and EW Binaries Project


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Author Mark Blackford
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