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VSS Newsletter - October 2014
  • From the director — Tom Richards
  • Editorial
  • O-B5 Stars in Centaurus: re-evaluation of published data - Mati Morel
  • Simplest CCD photometry - Tom Richards
  • CCD targets in the EB/EW Project - Tom Richards
  • Southern semi-regulars – a progress report – Aline Homes
  • SY Fornacis - a high galactic latitude binary star – Stan Walker
  • The long period variable - dual maxima Mira scene – Stan Walker
  • Bright Cepheids in the 2015 season – Stan Walker
  • Transforming magnitudes in the I passband – David Moriarty
  • The EB & EW binaries project update – Mark Blackford
  • The Orion Project - for serious amateur astronomy – Carl Knight
  • Publication Watch
  • About


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