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VSS Newsletter - October 2015
  • From the Director - Stan Walker
  • VSS Symposium 4 - David O’Driscoll
  • A letter from the director of the AAVSO
  • Atmospheric Extinction – Mark Blackford
  • Visual Cepheid targets for beginners – Stan Walker
  • A call for closer monitoring of BV Cen – Alan Plummer
  • V854 Cen and Two Declines in 2015 – Peter Williams
  • Astronomy projects for students – Carl Knight
  • Distinction for student Cepheid project – Carl Knight
  • It’s about time – Phil Evans
  • A user’s guide to time, NTP servers and software (v1.2) – Blair Lade
  • EB and EW Eclipsing Binaries Project – Tom Richards
  • Q & A 
  • A weekend in Hawaii – Phil Evans
  • Publication watch
  • Software watch
  • Hardware watch
  • About


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