Moriarty et al (2013), Discovery of Pulsating Components in the Southern Eclipsing Binary Systems AW Velorum, HM Puppis, and TT Horologii

Authors: David J. W. Moriarty, Terry Bohlsen, Bernard Heathcote, Tom Richards, and Margaret Streamer

Reference: “J. Amer. Assoc. Var. Star Obs., in press.” Link

Abstract: Eclipsing binary stars with pulsating components are especially valuable for studies of stellar evolution. We have discovered that three eclipsing binary stars in the southern sky have a pulsating component with oscillations similar to those of delta Scuti stars. The systems are: AW Velorum, HM Puppis, and TT Horologii. Their spectral types were determined as A7 for AW Vel and HM Pup and F0-F2 for TT Hor. The dominant pulsation frequencies are 15–38 cycles per day with amplitudes of 10–60 millimagnitudes.