The VSS Newsletter is usually published four times a year. It provides project leaders with the opportunity to publish interim results and project information and for members to report on activities. It includes regular sections on publications, hardware and software relevant to variable star observers. You can filter the list by year by clicking on the links to the right.

VSS Newsletter – September 2018

/ 2018
  • From the director – Mark Blackford
  • Vale Ranald McIntosh (1933-2018)
  • Correct placement of five Innes variables – Mati Morel
  • A funny thing happened on the way to the observatory the other night – Mark Blackford
  • Student project: give it a go! – Carl Knight
  • The mystery of WASP-17b – the stor...


VSS Newsletter – January 2018

/ 2018
  • From the director – Mark Blackford
  • 2018 RASNZ conference and 5th VSS symposium
  • Astrometric Positions for SMC Variables – Mati Morel
  • A look at Mira in 2018 – Stan Walker
  • The DY Per star V487 Vel – Andrew Pearce
  • V382 Carinae – a yellow hypergiant star – Stan Walker
  • Photometry & initial m...