The VSS Newsletter is usually published four times a year. It provides project leaders with the opportunity to publish interim results and project information and for members to report on activities. It includes regular sections on publications, hardware and software relevant to variable star observers. You can filter the list by year by clicking on the links to the right.

VSS Newsletter - January 2023

/ 2023
  • From the Director - Mark Blackford
  • Lunar occultation of Mars: Did Aristotle miss a significant detail? - Ed Budding
  • Frequency analysis of HD 36628 and HD 36882: two newly discovered pulsating variables in Orion – Mark Blackford
  • Determining the accuracy of mid eclipse timing by polynomial fit – Roy Axelsen
  • Chromospherical activity in the secondary component of BF Vel — David Moriarty
  • Obituary - Dr Robert (Bob) Nelson – Robert Jenkins
  • Publication watch