The VSS Newsletter is usually published four times a year. It provides project leaders with the opportunity to publish interim results and project information and for members to report on activities. It includes regular sections on publications, hardware and software relevant to variable star observers. You can filter the list by year by clicking on the links to the right.

VSS Newsletter - April 2024

/ 2024
  • From the Director - Mark Blackford
  • My observatory reborn for statewide use – Tom Richards
  • Determining ToMs from sparse photometry revisited – Roy Axelsen
  • An astrophysical model for the eclipsing binary CP Sculptoris – Colin Bembrick
  • Note on period change in CP Sculptoris – Tom Richards
  • R Hydrae - what is this Mira doing? – Stan Walker
  • Citizen science – ways to do science in the comfort of your home – Cledison Marcos da Silva
  • QZ Carinae- it still has something to tell us – Stan Walker


VSS Newsletter - January 2024

/ 2024
  • From the Director - Mark Blackford
  • S Dor: Updated Lightcurve 1890 - 1940 – Mati Morel
  • Route de la belle etoile - Route of the beautiful star – D S Homer
  • Frequency analysis of X Caeli – Mark Blackford
  • X-Ray binary A0538-66 (= LMC V3434) – Rod Stubbings
  • Period irregularities in W Volans – Tom Richards
  • Telescope seeks new home – Tom Richards
  • Measuring another planet: Exoplanet XO-1B – Simon Sikora
  • Publication watch